Together From Concept to Your Footwear

Our team’s extensive expertise is at your disposal, helping you define your footwear needs and ensuring our shoes align with your vision for mutual success.

We offer a comprehensive, all-in-one shoe customization service, supported by over two decades of research conducted by a professional shoe last and material supplier.

Each service is uniquely tailored to your preferences, and you will receive meticulous support throughout every phase, from the initial product design to the post-sales services provided by gufanpei.

Research & Development

Footwear Design

Shoes Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Product packaging

Transport Loading


We'll take care of your delivery.

We offer all our customers the flexibility of global product delivery. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we assure punctual delivery to your preferred destination. Our shipping choices encompass door-to-door service, air travel, railway, and airborne support.


The biggest marketplace in the World

Our company is located in the immediate vicinity of the largest marketplace in the world. In one place, we can get a huge number of different materials that are helpful in the designing and manufacturing process.