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We're Your Trusted Shoe Supplier and Manufacturer.

For over two decades, our commitment to the shoe industry has been unwavering. Our production managers and designers collectively boast over 30 years of experience, ensuring that each step of our footwear creation process reflects a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We prioritize the use of top-notch synthetic and leather materials, paired with wear-resistant rubber or EVA outsoles, to consistently deliver high-quality shoes and boots to our valued customers.

Our extensive product line encompasses a wide array of synthetic and leather shoes designed for all generations. When it comes to children’s footwear, we understand the need for durability, as children can be quite playful. Therefore, we maintain rigorous quality standards for our raw materials, ensuring that all synthetic and leather materials pass the demanding scratch resistance test. In pursuit of excellence, we maintain ongoing communication with our suppliers, urging them to continually elevate their quality standards in alignment with our goals. Through our persistent efforts and the evolution of raw materials, we stand ready to provide you with the high-quality shoes you desire

For Kids and Adults

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Footwear that combines technical excellence with an elegant design for versatile functionality.
Shoes for everyday wear and leisure activities. Emphasizing comfort and functionality as top priorities.
High-performance athletic footwear designed to help you surpass your boundaries. Crafting footwear for both casual and elite athletes.
We create custom sandals and flip flops tailored to our customers' preferences. Choose flip-flops or sandals for effortless and comfortable footwear by the pool or during hot weather.
For chilly, damp weather, we craft footwear that offers complete protection and breathability. Our cushioned design and insulating stability ensure maximum comfort.
Our vulcanized shoes are manufactured through a chemical process involving the heating of the outsole, resulting in molded rubber that enhances durability.

Company Qualification and Certification

Enterprice Qualification

  • SATRA, WFSGI    
  • AEO, ISO 9001:2015

Products Certification

  • CSA    
  • ASTM
  • EN ISO


Trusted By Global Customers

We have a wealth of experience in exporting our products to numerous countries and regions, including the USA, Canada, EU, UK, and Asia. We extend a warm invitation to customers and friends from around the globe to visit our factory and engage in mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation with us.